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Sa, 15. Febr 2014

Infos über Karlsruhe

Dear interns, Hi all,
Welcome to Karlsruhe! Welcome to Germany!
We – the IAESTE Karlsruhe Team – hope you had or will have a safe trip here.
In order for you to enjoy your stay in Karlsruhe to the max, to meet many people and make friends with loads of them, and to see and learn as much as possible about Germany, we want to give you some helpful advice with this “Getting Along Introduction”.
First and most important for you during your stay with us:
The IAESTE Karlsruhe Team is meeting every Monday and Wednesday.
In case you have any problems, do not hesitate to pass by our office and ask for help.
Our office hours are as follows:
- Monday: 18:10 – 18:50.
- Wednesday: 13:10 – 13:50.
The office can be found at:
Adenauerring 2, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany.
Type this into in case you cannot find your way how to get there.
However, don’t worry, you won’t have to find your way there on your own, as someone of our IAESTE Team will catch you at the station at your arrival, and take you on a “city tour”, where all important places and locations (such as your accommodation, your place of employment, our IAESTE office, etc.) will be included.
Besides, in case you have urgent issues, you can also send us an email:
Additionally, loads of interesting information can be found on our website:
Now, in the following we would like to provide you with some useful information on Karlsruhe.
Shopping in Karlsruhe:
-        Grocery stores: Asian, African, Turkish, etc. stores with fresh groceries are spread across the city, just walk through the streets and you’ll find the one you need, or search them on ;)
-        Discount supermarket chains: Aldi, Lidl (those two are probably the cheapest supermarkets you can find), Netto, Penny, Edeka (those are spread throughout the city,too).
-        Daily market: fresh fruit and vegetables can be found at the “Kronenplatz” Haltestelle, which can also be reached on foot as it is located right next to the campus.
All Shopping centres are closed on Sundays!!!
Restaurants in Karlsruhe:
-        Titanic: very famous among students, offers some typical German dishes, prices range from 6€ to 9€ for a dish including one drink.
à Kronenstraße 3, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        Oxford: also very famous among KIT students, they have cheap daily menus that change every week, and they offer the city’s best hamburgers ;) prices range from 6€ to 9€ for a dish including one drink.
à Kaiserstraße 57, 76131 Karlsruhe.
-        Kippe: great restaurant, that offers 7 typical student dishes, such as ‘Schnitzel’, Salad, or ‘Spätzle’, including a drink for 5€ to 7€.
à Gottesauer Straße 23, 76131 Karlsruhe.
-        Café Emaille: same as the ‘Kippe’ (see above), but bigger and a little further away from the university campus. Their interior design is to be seen, as it consists of enamel plates (‘Emaille’) that origin from the last centuries ;) dishes including a drink range from 5€ to 8€.
à Kaiserstraße 142, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        Stövchen: really nice restaurant, also offers special students dishes, as well as the famous ‘Flammkuchen’ (kind of a French pizza made in the Alsace region), great atmosphere, and cheap food ranging from 5€ to 10€ including a drink.
à Waldstraße 54, 76133 Karlsruhe.
The restaurants listed represent only a tiny choice out of many more wonderful places to go eat out at!
We want to encourage you to just walk through the streets and try others, too.
For some ideas on where to start strolling around when being hungry, we recommend:
-        Ludwigsplatz (Casa Aposto, Lehner’s, Enchilada, etc.)
-        Stefansplatz (Syrtaki Restaurant, Italy Italy, etc.)
-        Kaiserpassage (Fresh Sub, Indian Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, etc.)
‘Guten Appetit!’ – Enjoy the meals, guys! ;)
General information on “What’s on in Karlsruhe?” can be found online at:
This website offers up-to-date information on casual events, expositions, festivals and concerts. It pays off to check it out every once in a while… but we will keep you informed on those ‘special’ events, too. ;)
Bars, Cafés, Pubs, etc.:
-        Café Zero: cosy, stylish loft, offering loads of special teas as well as other drinks and cocktails, a place to linger, meet, and to feel comfortable at.
à Kaiserstraße 133, 76131 Karlsruhe
-        El Taquito: Mexican restaurant offering great (but spicy) food and cocktails from hell.
à Waldstraße 24, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        P10: beach bar on the roof top of a 10-floor-building in the city centre, offering cool cocktails, and nice canvas chairs to relax in after work.
à Zähringer Straße 69, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        Delight Lounge: delicious cocktails, and electronic sounds and chill-out vibes.
à Hirschstraße 11a, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        AKK: a great place to sip a beer after a hard day’s work ;) This bar is managed by students, and is located in the middle of the university campus, right next to library and canteen. See online at:
-        Z10: another student-managed bar and pub, offering sofas and an outdoor space to finish off the evening with great, cheap cocktails. See online at:
à Zähringerstraße 10, 76131 Karlsruhe.
Party- & Dance-Locations:
-        Krokokeller: absolutely popular among students, promises great party nights and loads of fun! Located in an underground cellar, random music, coverage 3€ to 5€.
à Bürgerstraße 14, 76131 Karlsruhe.
-        Stadtmitte: chill-out area in the inner courtyard and two indoor dance floors with mixed music, coverage 5€.
à Baumeisterstraße 3, 76137 Karlsruhe.
-        Carambolage: alternative pub and party location, where students rock the dance floors all night long, coverage 4€.
à Kaiserstraße 21, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        Spa: glamourous disco and club, dress to impress! Mostly house music, coverage 6€.
à Hirschstraße 16, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        Radio Oriente: nice bar and restaurant, promoting live music events almost daily. Sometimes the entrance is covered with a small fee ranging from 3€ to 5€. See the current program and event list online:
à Hirschstraße 18, 76133 Karlsruhe.
-        HaDiKo-Partys: The ‘HaDiKo’ is Germany’s biggest self-managed students’ apartment building, and organizes parties throughout the year. Most often these consist of an outdoor chill-out area, and some indoor dance floors etc. Definitely well-worth seeing it at least once during your stay!
à Klosterweg 28, 76131 Karlsruhe.
Again, there are many more clubs alike. Just go and try them with your friends!
International Meetings:
-        CouchSurfing:
CouchSurfing is a hospitality exchange network and website. In case you do not know it yet, check it out on
This community’s name is referring to the practice of moving from one friend's house to another, sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch, generally staying a few days before moving on to the next house.
CouchSurfing Karlsruhe is meeting every one in two weeks on Wednesdays in “KAP”, a bar near the IAESTE office. Everybody can join, and it is a great chance to meet other open-minded people and to enjoy the international atmosphere.
Also, if you’re planning a trip to another city, this community offers the opportunity to search for someone to host you for a night or two and show you around.

-        Erasmus meetings:
Erasmus is a popular European exchange program for students all over Europe, but they organize meetings for all foreign students and interns, which take place every week on Tuesdays.
In order to get to know where these meetings take place you can register for their email-list via:
The list’s name is ‘’.
Besides their own weekly meetings you get informed about other parties, too, which makes it definitely worth joining this list! ;)
Language courses and exchange classes:
-        Language exchange meetings, the so-called ‘Sprach-Tandem’:
Find a partner to teach him/her your language and he/she will teach you his/her language in exchange!
This is a great service offered for free, which allows you to quickly learn to communicate in a new language rather than write it.
Go see the website of the Studentenwerk and find an offer that suits your needs or post a new offer in order to search for a partner:

-        KIT Language Center, the so-called ‘Sprachenzentrum’:
This offer is just for students, and the classes take place during the semester only.

-        VHS, Volkshochschule:
They offer professional classes for different learning levels and with different intensity.
Especially their “German as a foreign language”-courses are very appreciated among foreign students and interns:
The general information on the VHS program can be found here:
The city of Karlsruhe:
Besides Parties and community events, Karlsruhe has so much to offer, too!
Go visit the city’s tourism website for information on the city itself, on its museums, and on any other attractions and sights!
A very short excerpt of what you can do in Karlsruhe is listed below:
Museums in Karlsruhe:
-        ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, i.e. Center for Arts and Media Technology): maybe the most interesting museum in Karlsruhe, and unique in Europe. Well worth a visit!
The entrance is for free (!) on Fridays between 2pm and 6pm, if you bring your student ID (ISIC or similar ID cards are accepted).
-        Naturkunde-Museum (Museum of Natural History): shows dinosaurs and many more fascinating exhibitions!
-        Filmpalast am ZKM: they sometimes offer English movies, which is to be remarked by the tag “Origional Version” on the right hand side of the movie list.
-        Schauburg: they most often have at least one English movie, see the list on:
Lakes and recreation areas in the region around Karlsruhe:
There are some amazing lakes – mostly quarry ponds (Baggerseen) – near Karlsruhe, all of which can easily be reached by bike or tram in about 30 minutes.
Among others we recommend:
-        EppleSee in Rheinstetten, which offers nice beaches and a boat renting service.
-        Weingartener Baggersee in Weingarten, offering great swimming opportunities and a jumping platform in the middle of the lake ;)
Again, there are many more events taking place throughout the year, which is why this list does not claim any completeness!
Public Transportation in Karlsruhe:
The Karlsruhe Public Transportation Community offers an online application to help you search for the best tram. Go see the following website (German language only), and choose date (Datum), time (Zeit), the stations of departure (Start/von) and arrival (Ziel/nach) according to your needs. Click on bottom line box ‘Fahrplan anfordern’ in order to yield the information on trams that suit your needs:
Public Transportation in Baden-Württemberg (the state Karlsruhe is located in):
Go see the following website, and enter the origin and destination you wish to arrive at:
Travelling beyond Karlsruhe – Travelling in Germany:
-        Train:
See the website of “Deutsche Bahn”:
Far distance travelling is pretty expensive, it most often is the fastest way to reliably and comfortably get to other destinations, though.
-        Bus:
There are several bus companies that offer really cheap travelling to famous destinations all over Central Europe. Among others, the most famous of those companies would be Ikarus-Reisen:
There are many more, google it!
-        Car-Sharing:
This probably is the cheapest way to get to other medium distance destinations, such as most cities within Germany, and border-near cities in other countries.
Go check out the car-sharing website:
Ask us in case you need help, as this offer is in German only.
-        IAESTE-Trips:
Most IAESTE Local Committees in Germany offer fun weekends and/or weekend trips to interesting and popular sights or destinations.
We try to keep you up-to-date on the trips offered during your stay!
Last but not least, we, from IAESTE Karlsruhe, also want you to become part of our daily/weekly activities, which is why we inform you on our activities via the IAESTE Karlsruhe Incomer Email List.
Once you arrived here, we will help you to become a member of this list, such that you are well informed and entertained as often as you want to ;)
Moreover, we permanently update our local calendar which lists up all important events:
Now, we like to encourage you to do, see, live, and enjoy as much as possible, and to let us know whenever we can help you with this!
The members of the IAESTE Karlsruhe Team.
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